Signs of depression are: sadness, apathy, pessimism, hopelessness, general fatigue, loss of energy, lack of interest in work/sex with spouse/church/church fellowship/hobbies/family events, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness, loss of spontaneity, insomnia, difficulty in concentrating, loss of memory, loss of/or increased eating, crying spells, and extreme sensitivity. 

If you are having suicidal thoughts or feelings contact the police or emergency services (dial 911) for immediate help, dial 911.

Depression Questionnaire:

Facing depression or even acknowledging its presence can be difficult. 
This depression self-test can indicate the presence or absence of depression. 
It is only intended as a guide. It is NOT intended to make a diagnosis
of depression or take the place of seeking a physician to determine if you
have depression caused by something physiological.
The 32 items below refer to how you have felt and behaved during the past
two weeks.  Read each sentence carefully and check those statements
which apply.

___ My future seems hopeless
___ It is difficult for me to concentrate on reading
___ I feel sad, blue, and unhappy
___ It takes great effort for me to do simple things
___ I feel like a failure
___ I feel lifeless--more dead than alive
___ I spend time thinking about dying or committing suicide (call 911 immediately)
___ I feel trapped or caught
___ I have lost or gained weight without trying to diet
___ The joy has gone out of my life
___ I have difficulty making decisions
___ I feel low in energy or slowed down
___ I have difficulty concentrating and making decisions
___ I often feel blue, even when good things happen to me
___ I feel worthless and inadequate
___ I have lost interest in aspects of life that used to be important to me
___ I have thought about wanting to kill myself (call 911 immediately)
___ I get frightened or panicked for no apparent reason
___ I have crying spells or feel like crying often
___ I am restless and can't keep still
___ I feel anxious
___ I am agitated and keep moving around
___ I feel fatigued
___ I am more irritable than usual
___ I have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
___ I wake up early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep
___ I have trouble sleeping through the night
___ I don't care about being unattractive to women/men
___ My mind is not clear as it used to be
___ I feel useless
___ My life is empty and without meaning
___ I feel that others would be better off if I were dead


Below 5...within normal range
10-15...moderate to marked depression
15  & over...severe to extreme depression

This test is intended as a guide only.  It is not designed to make a diagnosis of depression.  Even if you're within the "normal" range of depression do you need to speak to someone? What does the Bible say about your situation and life?  

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