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a biblical discipleship & counseling model

CWCM marital counseling and pre-marital counseling for those thinking of getting engaged or for those already engaged. Each counseling session lasts around one hour. Couples are required to complete a Information Intake Form as well as a marital or pre-marital assessment.

TARRY Support Group (TSG) is a discipleship and counseling program for individuals with addictions and their families.


You will be provided with an accountability partner who will monitor your progress and provide counseling in person, via telephone, chat or ZOOM video conferencing,

The TSG curriculum provides a biblical response to habitual sins based on five key truths: Trust - Admit - Realize - Reckon - Yield.  

The curriculum consists of 12 individual lessons that are arranged in the same format: Memory Verses, Focus, Understandings, Action Points, Encouragement and a Prayer. 

What are we to do when we are involved with a sin that we cannot seem to get away from? You commit the sin, feel guilty/ashamed, you confess and repent (e.g. put a filter on your computer, throw out the drugs, etc.), you receive forgiveness, and then you commit that same sin again. The cycle continues again and again. It's not that person is insincere when they confess and repent. They pray for release yet there is no escape in sight. Does this describe you?

My Approach

The mission of CWCM is three- fold, to reconcile and strengthen marriages, educate engaged couples, and thirdly, to help those suffering from addictions. 

CWCM's vision is to is two-fold. First, to provide biblical discipleship counseling using the scriptures as our only foundation. Secondly, to facilitate TARRY Support Group meetings for people with addictions.


About me

I was born and raised in the Bronx and White Plains, New York. It was at the age of 11 while listening to a Billy Graham broadcast that I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. As a young adult I was in fellowship at the White Plains Gospel Chapel, White Plains, NY and Valley Bible Chapel, Washington Township, NJ.

Getting Help

There is no charge for counseling.

Donations are welcomed as the Lord leads you to give.











Getting Help

There is NO CHARGE for any of the services.

Donations are welcomed as the Lord leads you to give.

Daniel puts his whole heart into helping others. He uses the Bible to teach and provide guidance and wisdom.

A.A.. Age 28

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